2014 Honda Fit SUV

October 20th, 2013 · 0 Comments · Honda

2014 Honda Fit SUV – To be published according to the latest SUV Honda Fit 2014 at the Tokyo Motor Show in November this year. This subcompact five-door is one of the top 10 lists of cars since 2007, so expectations are high for the new 2014 model Honda Fit. The good news is that the production of this vehicle can be shifted from high to low cost Japan Mexico costs. We hope that this will be reflected in the price at the end. Car manufacturer heard complaints Japanese public multinational clients and your demand for lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, the hybrid version of the small sedan.

Under the hood of the SUV 2014 Honda Fit offers many improvements. According to some sources by 2014 Honda Fit SUVimproves expects its acceleration by 15 percent and fuel consumption by 10 percent. These improvements are mainly related to the CVT, which combined with the new four-cylinder 1.5-liter direct-injection engines. The current motor Jazz subcompact MPV produced 117 hp and 106 lb-ft of torque. The new 2014 Honda Fit engine SUV will be five percent more fuel consumption while offering improved six percent of the couple. The changes are different and specified for each market. It is not yet clear whether Honda plans to bring start-stop technology to non-hybrid models in North America. 2014 Honda Fit SUV’s powertrain also has a start-stop technology, which switches the engine off when idling. Interesting information is that a four-wheel drive Honda 2014 Honda Fit offer.

Finally, model year fuel economy 28 mpg city, 35 mpg highway and 31 mpg combined rated. If we consider responsible for the improvement percentage Honda Fit announced in 2014 remain among the top 10 cars, and even in the company of more economical vehicles in the automotive market.

According to the latest trends in the automotive industry, some external improvements Honda Fit model prepared in 2014, making it more sporty. The new look 2014 Honda Fit SUV shown is inspired by the urban SUV concept in Detroit in mid-January. David Hodgetts, Director of Honda UK said: “Urban SUV concept unveiled our new design strategy that we want to all future models of houses that we have seen athletic control, but we want to keep the functionality and the new jazz position ‘elevated seating., and comfort. ”

2014 Honda Fit SUV

2014 Honda Fit SUV  spacious interior is a characteristic Honda Fit is known. He also announced measures. System to accidents and Honda City to actively avoid braking system with laser sensors on the windshield will be incorporated into the SUV Honda Fit 2014. The additional cubic feet of cargo space, but also triangular reflectors in 2014 Honda Fit SUV bumpers built.


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